It’s better when it’s good, in Guadeloupe

 ☀️ 🌴 Departure for France of the sun 🍍 🥥 🥑 smiles and fragrant cuisine.

This week the Blog « It’s better when it’s good » is on the Islands of Guadeloupe to discover restaurants run by women who offer authentic Creole cuisine.
Find the report with more addresses and recipes in the Saveurs magazine (available on newsstands).

The addresses visited in the video
Chez Lelette
238 bd des Poissonniers, à Deshaies.

Chez Tatie Clothilde
34 rue Dandin, Sainte-Anne.

Chez Eugenette
Grande Anse, Terre de Bas, Les Saintes

Marché du Moule et Guadeloupe Forever pour les produits de Steve

Merci à CARAÏBES FACTORY pour l’accompagnement !

The blog « It’s better when it’s good » is THE FIRST 100% WEB GUIDE in restaurant videos and « place to eat » around the world which pays all its additions and tests establishments to give you the best addresses.

The author : Emmanuelle Jary
« After studying ethnology during which I worked on French haute cuisine first then on truffle farming in France secondly, I became a journalist specializing in gastronomy, wine and culinary travel.
Through this blog, I share with you my favorites in France and abroad. All of the restaurants featured here have been tested and approved before being filmed.
My credo: there are only two cuisines, the good and the bad.
Also I am as much at the bistros, the palaces as in the street, provided that the plates are good.
Do not hesitate to share with me your comments, your favorites or rants. « 
Contact :

Book now the Lodge Coco, résidence Ô Coeur de Deshaies, Guadeloupe


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Merci pour vos avis

Merci pour vos avis

Des colibris en Guadeloupe ?

Des colibris en Guadeloupe ?
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