The new Guadeloupe Islands campaign

The new Guadeloupe Islands campaign

From one island to another… from one trip to another… (re) discover the islands of Guadeloupe on your small screen.
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Placed on the arch of the Lesser Antilles, Guadeloupe actually consists of an archipelago of 7 islands. Karukera, as it is called in Creole, the main part, has the shape of a butterfly, to which are added the Saintes, Marie-Galante and the Désirade. The trade winds would have carried it there, in the tropics, and this indolent would have liked it – not being able to move its large wings laden with gum trees, ferns, acomats-boucans and palm trees-mountains.

A true painter’s dream obsessed with green and blue. Guadeloupe so soft, abandoned: long white beaches of Sainte-Anne, black beaches of Trois-Rivières, coves lined with mangroves and coconut trees.

A tropical island, teeming with life

But here is the brief and brutal rain, and the rising wind.

The cyclone, here, is a sorcerer who can wreak havoc, without forgetting the annoying sargassum, these algae-witches which already derived from the time of Christopher Columbus. Beaches, coconut palms, sun, yes, of course, but also scuba diving.

The Guadeloupe coasts indeed offer superb funds, from the Saintes to Marie-Galante via the Désirade or the Sous-le-Vent coast. The volcano dominates the landscape, Soufriere which is bubbling, a threatening totem from Guadeloupe, which seems to sleep for eternity. (Source: Le Guide du Routard)

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Des colibris en Guadeloupe ?
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